The Regional Fraternity of Western Australia is part of the National Fraternity of Australia  which includes New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania. Australia is part of the International Fraternity which consists of our General Minister Tibor Kauser who lives in Hungary and council members from all over the world. Professed members of the Secular Franciscan Order are secular clergy and lay people from all walks of life who live in communion with the Catholic Church. Their mission is the mission of the church. They follow Christ by living a Gospel life through the inspiration of St Francis of Assisi. They endeavour to be witnesses in the world of Christ's love and goodness being enriched by the simplicity, humility, prayer and poverty of Franciscan spirituality. They belong to the Franciscan Family which includes the First Orders of Priests and Brothers and the Second Orders of Sisters of St Clare


Angela McGuire

Regional Minister

Secular Franciscan Order in WA

Regional Council of Western Australia 

Minister                                Angela McGuire                                            08 9275 5658                          

Vice Minister                        Ann-Marie Langdon                                      08 9207 3691

Formator                              Michael McGuire                                           08 9275 5658           

Secretary                             Noel D'Souza                                                08 9457 4817  

Treasurer                             Michael McGuire                                                           

Promotions                          Ann-Marie Langdon

Fraternities in WA 


 John Barich       ,            Perth                   Every 4th Sunday of each month,           Our Lady of Poland Church Maylands               0438912682

 Micheal Lyra                  Balcatta               Every 3rd Sunday of each month            St Lawrence's Church Balcatta                          08  9207 3691  

 Frank Andinach             Kalgoorile            Every 1st Saturday of each month          All Hallows Church Hall Boulder/Private Home  08 9021 3986                                                                 

Groups in WA

Helen Long               Geraldton              Every 2nd Sunday of each month     St Francis Xavier Cathedral Parish meeting room    0439923677